Wavely was created following a research project at the Institut d'Electronique, Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologies led by Nicolas Côté, a researcher in acoustics and an expert in signal processing and sound perception, and Alexis Vlandas, a researcher at the CNRS and a materials physicist.

The company was then created in 2017 and has developed its activity around sound analysis for the environment, industrial and urban settings. Nicolas Côté holds the position of CEO.



Wavely's 15-strong team is renowned for its expertise in artificial intelligence, acoustics and microelectronics. The team includes a high proportion of experts with doctoral theses or significant experience in the development and industrialisation of software and hardware products. The combination of these skills in a single team is what makes it so strong and unique.


Innovation Wavely's DNA

Since its creation in 2017, Wavely has been supported by a number of regional, French and European partners, including Hodéfi, Réseau Entreprendre Nord, BPI France, the Hauts de France Regional Council, TOTAL Développement Régional and the FINOVAM and FIRA funds.

The innovation and quality of Wavely's research and development has earned it the French Tech and DeepTech labels, as well as the support of French and European research funding bodies such as ANR, ADEME and the European Commission.

Members of

We are also involved in a number of competitive clusters to keep in touch with our partners and customers, and are always in touch with the world of acoustics, being members of the SFA (Société Française d'Acoustique) and the CidB (Centre d'information et de documentation sur le bruit).